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They are the construction workers of the bush, creating housing for creatures as varied as snakes and bugs, black ducks (yes, they breed in abandoned aardvark holes) to hyenas and warthogs.

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In Black and White

It started quite by accident. A slip of a finger on the controls of my old Canon 50D and the world turned into monochrome. Monochromatic photography is a difficult subject...

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Elephant vs Hippo

The above video shows a bit of interspecies competition between an elephant and a hippo. Who left the arena the victor? Watch our short video clip, then come over and read more...

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The Ladies

A lion has a greatly expandable stomach. Scientist believe that an adult male lion can devour as much as 43 kilograms of meat a day. You read that right. Forty-three kilograms of meat.

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How to move a hippo

I mean: it’s a great, big lumbering animal with the weight of a car! We were fortunate to have both the honour and the opportunity to witness this historical event on Kaingo Game Reserve today.

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The First 15 Minutes

From conception to the eventual life brought into the world. Birth is special, sacred and beautiful. Follow me as we celebrate the first fifteen minutes of a young wildebeests’ life.

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