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Here at Kaingo Game Reserve we are blessed to have a few troops of baboon. The great natural historian Eugene Nielen Marais did a study on the baboons of the central Waterberg, birthing the classic research and popular book 'My friends the Baboon' (in his native Afrikaans, 'Burgers van die Berge').

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Kudu, the Grey Ghost of the Waterberg

Few antelope have such a bearing of greatness as a kudu. The females, with their oversized ears, white tail exposed, as they bound off into the brush after being disturbed. The regal look of a kudu bull as it disappears into the brush, corkscrew horns laid back against it flanks.

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The Black Stork

One of the enigmatic bird species occasionally found on Kaingo Game Reserve is the Black Stork. This rather large bird who breeds in Central Europe, Russia, and Southern Africa, tends to be largely piscivorous (fish eating), but it will also take frogs, small mammals, crabs and other birds.

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Battle for Dominance

Determining dominance and defending territories can lead to bloodthirsty fights. A couple of months ago, we were privileged enough to witness one of these fights. When we arrived at the scene, the two males were already locked in combat.

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The Waterberg

Game drives and bush walks at Kaingo Private Game Reserve offer guests incredible ecological biodiversity for a unique African wildlife and nature experiences in a 'Conservation First' reserve, where all guest income goes towards positive conservation efforts.

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Anybody Mention Fishing?

Not many experiences beat a few hours next to the fishing waters. With 13km of riverfront, there is plenty a safe place for the whole family to enjoy the thrill of trying to catch the biggest fish. With a wide variety of species in the Mokolo river, you never know who will be your next catch.

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