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Waterberg Habitats 3

With 13km of river frontage as well as many kloofs, streams and gullies, there is a massive diversity in the topography of Kaingo Game Reserve. Riparian is the general reference to the interface between a river or stream and land, but can describe various types of landscapes.

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Waterberg Habitats 2

There are some trees endemic to this habitat, but what is also apparent is that other trees also found in other habitats can grow to immense and uncommon size because of the deposited soils rich in humus and organic matter washed down from the escarpment.

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Kaingo Habitat Diversity

Due to the fact that in recent historic times, fencing off of land has limited visitors to many game reserves, farms and nature reserves to be able to come into contact with all the habitats offered in the Waterberg.

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Painted Rocks

The correct term is 'lichen', and it is not just alive with colour, but actually alive. It comprises of a mutual symbiosis of colonies of minute organisms. A mutualistic Symbiosis is a collaboration of two or more organisms for mutual gain.

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Birds of a Feather

When one thinks of a game reserve, one tends to only think of large mammals and beautiful sunsets. This perception usually changes quickly as one’s senses are bombarded by a myriad of twittering calls and splashes of incandescent colours.

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An Education

At Kaingo Game Reserve, we are fortunate to regularly see elephants slowly amble across the abundance of plains scattered all over the reserve. A regular sighting is either that of lone bulls or bulls found in groups of two’s and three’s.

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