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Early morning in the bush gives one a few moments whereby life and beauty intersects and the essence of the bush come to the fore. Sunrise gives us the gift of a new day and the reflection of the day past. It gives us the motivation to move forward...

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Foam Nest Tree Frog

Driving through the bush one morning very early, our eyes not fully awake yet, we spotted a strange white object on a tree stump a few meters away from the vehicle. It could have been an overturned leaf, maybe a splat of owl dung from the previous night...

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Marula Time

It is the time of year that the marula trees (Sclerocarya birrea) starts to shed its fruit. It is a time of year that most baboons, monkeys, elephant and humans wait for. The green fruit will drop from the trees, forming a blanket of fallen fruit underneath.

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San Paintings

Our field guides are passionate about the heritage left by the people who lived here before us. In the above photo one of our highly qualified, professional field guides, Andre Nell, is getting his guests super excited about these paintings.

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Caring for the Animals

As part of our conservation first policy on Kaingo Game Reserve our Reserve Management team, lead by Jacque Fourie, the team must ensure that the animals mineral needs are met. These blocks or licks provide essential elements such as phosphorus and biometals, required for bone and muscle growth.

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Here at Kaingo Game Reserve we are blessed to have a few troops of baboon. The great natural historian Eugene Nielen Marais did a study on the baboons of the central Waterberg, birthing the classic research and popular book 'My friends the Baboon' (in his native Afrikaans, Burgers van die Berge).

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