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No more plastic bottles!

That’s it! We took the step.

Kaingo Game Reserve stopped the use of plastic water bottles.

We have always known that the Waterberg’s water quality is some of the highest in South Africa, being filtered through masses of sandstone before being pumped out of selected boreholes for human and animal consumption on Kaingo.

This natural water scrubbing adds some trace elements to the water, notably essential minerals like iron and copper in small quantities, both of which are vital for a fully functional and healthy body.

Forthwith, Kaingo Game Reserve will give each guest a complimentary metal water bottle to keep and use during their stay. This dramatically reduces the plastic waste produced by the lodge and the reserve, fitting in very well with our motto of 'Conservation First'.

Our dedicated front-of-house team will be ready to fill up your water bottle with fresh, cold water at just about any time of day, or feel free to take a flask of water off the Kaingo bar area to fill up yourself!

At the end of your enjoyable stay on Kaingo, the branded and personalised metal bottle is yours! Take it to the gym, hiking up a mountain or just to remember your Kaingo safari every time you take a sip of the elixir of life.


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