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What do you do with your children after the morning game drive? Rest assured at Kaingo they will have the most amazing time.

We entertain children of all ages in a responsible and educational way. We aim to create an awareness of the ecological systems around us whilst having a load of fun. Parents can relax or even join in the activities offered by the Kaingo team with the full knowledge that their children are well taken care of.

We have an extensive age-specific children’s activity list that will keep the them busy for hours on end. Each group is catered for in accordance with their needs, the length of stay and what the weather allows us to do.

For the age group two to five years old, we offer several activities starting with face painting. We use water-based non-toxic face paint to create wildlife creatures of all creeds and colours. We create ears out of cardboard and tails out of wool and will even train the little ones how to roar like a lion or chuckle like a monkey. The role play after the painting usually extends well into the night, when Mom or Dad put their little wild animal to bed.

Kaingo is a place of extraordinary beauty and landscapes. Much of this is covered in rocks of all sizes and colours. We offer little ones the opportunity to paint and decorate a rock of their choice using paints, wool, eyes and all manner of natural materials to create a lasting work of art!

Have a budding little chef?

Let us do a round of cookie baking with your little one! We prepare the dough, and our little chef rolls, cuts and decorate their masterpieces. Our celebrity judge, Chef Peter, will then bake the cookies and present the result for testing by you, the parents.

Art is both stimulating and creative. We have a series of stamps, clamps and child-friendly cutters to help the little ones create a masterpiece. Fancy a purple giraffe anyone?

For our five to fourteen-year-olds, we have activities that will take them away from their parents for a little while. Most of the activities on offer aim to teach the young ones the basics of conservation and bushcraft in a safe and entertaining manner.

Using plaster of Paris, we make moulds of animal tracks found on game drive. A lion, hyena or even a baboon track makes a very good paperweight back home! Because the moulds are made with plaster of Paris, international guests can import them into just about any country in the world. These moulds are a worthwhile keepsake, taking the young ones back to their African safari time and time again.

What do you do when given a length of string, two lengths of wood and a keen eye? You make a bow and arrow! With your guide’s help, we will collect a bow made from raisin bush, an arrow of reeds, and we will supply the string. After much scraping and testing, you will be allowed to shoot your bow at a safe target in the garden.

Mud mud, glorious mud! Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood…

Children do not have the chance to get muddy and filthy these days! This activity aims to remedy this lack of getting dirty! Kleilat is a very traditional game using a stick and some clay to create a mud missile that could be launched at great velocity. Traditionally two teams would face off at a predetermined distance and then pelt each other with mud until one team surrenders. We will rather not do that; opting for a static target rather than a live one!

Kaingo is home to some of the best-preserved rock art in the Waterberg region of South Africa. Re-creating this art form back home will tax even the most artistic youngsters. The guiding team will help our young artists to create artwork based on rock art they have seen in real life.

Why not a bit of tilapia fishing in the Elephant lodge dam? We supply the line, barbless hooks, and bait and our young fisher-friends make their poles on game drive. All that is needed is a healthy dose of determination and a bit of patience! All the tilapia caught will be released by the guide in charge without harm coming to the fish.

One element we cannot control is the weather. For days that the rain does not seem to stop, and outdoor activities are not the best idea, we have a selection of board games to suit young and old. Snakes and Ladders anyone? Or would Twister be more fun? How about Monopoly for the budding millionaires out there?

Join us on a conservation trip with our Reserve Manager. You will learn something; I know I do every time I join him!

Our Reserve manager is a very busy man. Monitoring wild animals, managing the habitat and tending to water sources is part of his everyday life. Why not join him for a bit of a look behind the curtains of the conservation department? He will explain in detail how conservation on our reserve works and how we have managed to make Kaingo such a successful reserve.

Fancy a bit of a quest? Come and do Kaingo’s own Eco Quest. We will start in the Elephant lodge garden, looking for plants, creatures and birds. The guides that accompany you will not be allowed to help with your quest but will keep you out of harm’s way! The quest consists of a series of questions and tasks to be completed like a treasure hunt. And maybe there could be a prize at the end…

Children from three years to ninety years old will love a run around on the vast Elephant Lodge lawns. We offer a selection of ball games to cater for an impromptu game of soccer, touch rugby or cricket.

Ever played a game of hide-and-seek in a garden the size of the Kaingo Elephant lodge garden? Great fun! Just be back before sunset if we have not found you by then…

Come and explore Kaingo with the family. We have what it takes to keeping everyone entertained and ensuring an unforgettable holiday!


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