Linda like flowers.

Let’s rephrase that- she LOVES flowers!

Time spent on our knees looking at and photographing the daintiest little purple flower, an inquisitive wildebeest snorting close by…poor thing is probably wondering exactly what thee humans are on about.

_MG_5869Kaingo, after the good rains that we have had, is full of flowers.

They go by the most wonderful names!

Cat’s whiskers, Star chestnut. Big Num-num; Say that a few times over without stumbling! Tall white squill. Devils thorn, Baboons tail, Eyelash flower. Lion flower. Grapple plant. Sugarbush. Maidenhair fern…

The colours astound.

Some in green, some in purple. There are yellows and blues and pinks and reds. Blue with yellow, pink and brown. The colour of freshly made butter with a core of the most exquisite violet. Spiky flowers, flowers so delicate that a mere touch will deface it. Shy, single-stemmed flowers hiding amongst the grass. Bold bushels of colour that dominate its surroundings.

IMG_2951Some smell of carrion-to attract flies for pollination. Some have the most delicate citrus smell. Others have a heady mixture of sweetness mixed with a bold, earthy undertone. Jasmine, gardenia, lavender…

Some, when you get too close to it, will affect your eyes, making them burn and water. It is aptly named Sore-eye flower. Then you get the Devils thorn, wicked seedpods made to be carried on the soles of your shoes or in the hooves of unsuspecting antelope. Lion flower is smoked to relieve the effects of asthma.

Once you start noticing flowers, you notice the whole ecosystem around them. The flies (not only the common Housefly), and the Mopani bees (stingless and very annoying). Beetles of all shapes and sizes. Some flowers wait for wasps, specifically engineered to pollinate them, others wait for the right kind of breeze.

When looking at flowers you enter a whole new world. It is full of detail, full of beauty.

Come and join Linda and me for a Kaingo flower safari!

IMG_8364 IMG_8375

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