Kaingo Elephant lodge team building, or Let’s go Fishing!

We take a lot for granted. Food, a roof over our heads, relaxation…

Kaingo’s Elephant lodge staff are a hard-working bunch. Keeping the lodge in a tip-top shape, always, takes some doing. Then there is the kitchen team that churns out delightful meals at the drop of a hat. And let’s not forget the ever-smiling waiting staff; always ready with a fresh beverage or a steaming cup of coffee.

This week we decided that it was time to do something different. Something that all of us would enjoy. An activity normally reserved only for our guests.

We went fishing!

Now look. Fishing is not that difficult. You put on a lure, one of the fifty in the little grey box, cast it into the water and…

That was the notion at least.

After a quick lesson in casting the reels and how to aim, where the fish may be and a lesson in basic bass behaviour, everyone was let loose on the river; under supervision of course!

To seasoned anglers the casting would have been hilarious. Bodies following rods, birds’ nests, hook-ups in the reeds…luckily no hooks in any body parts!

Soon enough everyone had gotten around to the right idea, and the fishing commenced in all earnest.

Housekeeper, Jo-Jo was the first to connect with a bass. You should have heard the echo from the mountainside with woops of encouragement and laughter! A stunning 600gr bass later, and a smile for the books, Jo-Jo had her fish safely in the keep net.

As the casting got better, so did the success. Quite a few bass were lost, mostly because of over excitement.

All too soon the sun became red on the horizon. We had to return home.

On route home, the chatter revolved around the fish lost, the baits used and laughs shared.

And just as we drove next to the river, a herd of elephant against the dusky skyline.

Could a day end more perfect than this?

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