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Walks through South Africa’s bushveld.

Aside from our big game, Kaingo is home to a rich variety of bird and insect life, flora and fauna, as well as smaller mammals, and a walk in the bush is the best way to discover them. It’s also a special kind of meditation, one that will immerse you in a sensory experience of Africa.

Come and feel Africa underfoot on a guided bush walk with a highly trained field guide. The experience offers an intimate encounter with nature and wildlife, as well as medicinal and other plants that are identified en-route.

The walks make use of different areas of the reserve, and a variety of options are available, differing with respect to degree of difficulty and fitness required. Regardless of the route, the one thing that remains consistent is the likelihood of encountering wildlife along the way.

The riverine walks follow the natural river course, and are great for ‘bumping’ into general game. We have a choice of walks that descend into the gorges and valleys of the Waterberg Mountains. Many areas of the reserve are only accessible by foot. There may even be an opportunity to have a swim in one of the fresh water pools! The vistas from these trails are second-to-none, presenting Africa in all its vastness.

Kaingo’s guides are expert companions with extensive knowledge of flora and fauna, animal spoor and animal tracking. They’ll teach you about the smaller, but no less impressive, aspects of the bush and its secrets. Large and dangerous animals are avoided on walks, but many other species can be viewed from a safe distance at ground level. A walk through Kaingo Game Reserve is a truly memorable and authentic experience.


Kaingo is a proud member of the Dendrological Society

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