Through the looking glass

In the beginning of this series on conservation, I asked the question: What is conservation?
The answer was: Love. Love for nature, love for life and this little blue planet we call home.
That poses it own questions: how can we, a mere drop in an ocean of over seven billion people, make any difference?
The positive impact you make have a ripple effect throughout the world. Think about it: you drink a bottle of water, drop it into a dustbin. Now say, for argument sake, that every person drink three litres of water per day. That makes a total of six bottles per person per day!
That bottle had to come from somewhere, a factory using electricity generated by coal created it. Petroleum was used to manufacture the plastic. Trucks transported it to the factory where it was filled… with something that come from Heaven for free.
Sure, it was purified with reverse osmosis (more energy), but the water that you drink still came from the sky!
On Kaingo we believe that most things can be reused. Our water is so pure that further purification will only ruin the taste. And that is why we give you a stainless-steel bottle to take home to fill with water…or wine…or G&T.
Through that one stainless steel bottle you have saved the equivalent of a tree only in energy used to create the container!
But conservation does not only revolve around water. Herbs, we plant our own. Waste food, compost heap. Metal, all the way to the recycling plant. In the greater scheme of things, this sounds insignificant. But if ten people do it? What about a hundred…or even a thousand!
Conservation goes even deeper than this. Your visit, dear tourist, gives us a reason to exist. It gives us, the guides, an opportunity to showcase nature and all its splendour. The kitchen will enthral you with local produce, artfully prepared. Housekeeping will keep an eye on things from afar.
Trough your visit, we can manage our fences. We can ensure genetic diversity in our animal populations. We can wage war against alien vegetation, giving our local species a fighting chance.
Yet, we can all start at home. Conserve nature by using, reusing and recycling. Plant a spekboom in your garden. Grow herbs in pots on the windowsill. Your cooking will the greater for it. And for goodness sake, drink tap water! You can filter it through inexpensive filters, stone, ceramic ext. for next to nothing.
Ever heard about the butterfly effect? The principals for conservation are the same. What you do today, has an effect well into the future. What we do today may well be the deciding factor on our own existence.
Come on board, help with conservation.

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