An amazing variety of animals

Kaingo is home to over 50 different mammals including lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard. It is home to several endangered and rare species too, such as tsessebe, brown hyena, pangolin, honey badger and sable. Several nocturnal species can best be seen at night including aardvark, serval, bush baby and African wildcat.

The grassy plains and savanna abound with animals such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and impala, while predators are always close by. It is the diversity of habitats on the reserve that encourages such a wide range of wildlife as well as over 350 bird species, including rare species such as African Finfoot, Narina Trogon and Striped Pipets.


The elephant, buffalo, black and white rhino, lion and leopard were originally named the Big Five due to the significant challenge and potential danger that they presented to hunters. They symbolise the ultimate in African wildlife. On Kaingo, the herds of elephant, buffalo, rhino (dehorned) and the lions make regular appearances. The sleek, shy leopards with their nocturnal habits and inaccessible habitat may sometimes elude the visitor.

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